the zero point

the zero point

​There is a beautifull bridge in Blichos, Hydra, which I have the feeling is build exactly for this reason, to experience the „0 point“.

Since the bridge can also be a symbol for connecting two opposites, if you stand in the middle of it ,you can expierience to be beyond this dualistic way of thinking.

There is oneness,stillness and peace.These opposites are in you, but you dont expierience them any more as opposites.You stand in the mids of two extreems, a paradox that can be expierienced but not understood by our limited mind. There is this neutral standingpoint, with no desire to evaluate and judge anything, but embrace it all,this YES to everything that arises before one responds .

The two of us (or your partner if we are in a group)can play many games, walking on the bridge ,coming from opposite sides ,ending up in the center,the 0 point ,that has no center.

We will walk in stillness to the bridge, expierience the „0 point“ at the bridge, and walk back in silence again.


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