about painting

about painting

​If I could just paint an apple and everything I have to say was contained in it, I would have achieved my goal as a painter. The core of every content is the same, no matter how it is “packaged”. Painting is a transport of this invisible content, a new version of the packaging that at best allows something of this core to be revealed.

It is actually vibrations that the painter picks up and which take on solid forms before his eyes with the brush. The process is like a fertilization that gives rise to new life on the canvas. It is an art to simply receive them instead of trying to interpret them.

The information uncovered is part and expression of the world and of life itself, to which there are no limits. Theoretically, I shouldn’t care what I paint, because I don’t want to depict, but to make visible this state of marriage between subject and object, this becoming one, through the unique taste of this connection. Basically, there was never a separation, so the word connection is not quite precise.

Adam bit into the apple, an apple that gradually left traces of poison. One ingredient of the poison was the arrogance of wanting to understand EVERYTHING. Knowledge was separated from wisdom, it became independent and fell in love with detail. The overview or the context disappeared imperceptibly. The ability to distinguish became Adam’s undoing. One veil after another made him forget that he was not separate from his environment, not a separate Adam, but one with the cosmic consciousness.

Art and science took their course. They have the unknown as their common abode. Both love to build bridges and make new connections. Bridges with an expiry date?For a start, their eyes orientate themselves on the outside phenomena.

Looking inwards, the path of the mystics is devotion to this Unknown Unfathomable Eternal, culminating in fusion.

Both paths eventually lead to Rome.

After hundreds of thousands of years, Mother Earth sent the new Eve, and Adam was kissed. He spat it out again, finally waking up from his dream. He had not left paradise at all, however there was no Adam, everything was impersonal and intimate at the same time, everything was in him, no center a huge symphony without a conductor, perfect and free. What was different this time in paradise, he was aware of, rather he celebrated himself as consciousness.

To want to experience the unity of everything could be an attempt to re-examine the conditioning of our thoughts, which is a gift of our civilization and which will always retain its relative character.

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