Evangelia Pitsou on Hydra

Hydra island


​Hydra is is a medieval looking island ,with no traces of the business of the world, just donkeys and horses for transportation.So the soundscape is beyond words. It is an ideal place, to deepen into stillness, being supported by nature and its elements.

There are so many opportunities, to have a variety of means, leading to this longing to surrender. It is up to you, how you want to structure your time here.
You can dive directly, with no other aim into this blissful state and deepen into it, having no other desire but to stay present 24/7. In other words, make yourself available, the rest is not up to you.

Or you can combine your stay here with your holiday, with this wish of identity shift.By the way ,free time can be a beautiful opportunity to deepen into stillness. So lots of choices , depending on your priority, that which is the most important issue in your life.



​In the early autumn ,I will be some weeks in Crete. I find the landscape very archaic, and suitable for those who want to immerse into stillness and expose themselves to less comfort.

Loud and strong wind and wild waves could be in the program. Waking up with the sunrise, and closing up the day with the sun set ,you will be embedded utterly into the rhythm of nature.

At least one week is recommended ,so in the first days ,there will be a few meetings. After that the less the better. You can decide ,whatever makes you happy. You can rent a room, but stay all day in a cave, under an olive tree, or the sea. We will have a fire ceremony in silence.

Old themes may arise, which are on opportunity, to dive into these feelings ,and hopefully liberate them from the captivity of the unconscious.
There will be times during the day ,where we will be together but in silence.

If more than one person will come at the same time, I recommend, to stay for yourself.

At this point, I would like to mention,that you are resposible for yourself.If you have health issues of any kind, please let me know, for you need a certain stability, physically and mentally. Also this is not a substitute for any medicine, that has been subscribed by your doctor.

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