The island with its peace and beauty, combined with the community with Evangelia, have done me immense good.
The silence, the presence of Evangelia, her benevolence and appreciation, her sacred chants and treatment have supported me to arrive fully with myself, to (re)find my very own rhythm and to remember who I really am, how I am meant to be.

Evangelia’s singing calmed and grounded me enormously during pregnancy. Since my child is born, I have been singing a melody of her singing to him – nothing calms the child better. I will definitely consult Evangelia again for another pregnancy!

„When I went to Evangelia’s „heart ritual“, I only knew that she receives and sings sounds. What I didn’t realise is that she receives sounds that are completely individual to each person! These sounds touched me quickly and deeply. In meditation she opens spaces for also individual events. Several angels/beings have shown themselves to me, one of which particularly attracted me and I asked him for his name. He answered me. Since then, angels play a much bigger role in my life and I use them in a new and much more inclusive way. Thank you, Evangelia!“

What I liked about the first meeting with Evangelia was her very natural way of being herself, without having to appear super spiritual, so I gave myself completely to the process and allowed to happen what would show itself. This letting go of all inhibitions happened completely naturally. First I felt how tense I was in my heart, and then at the same moment I dissolved everything that was cramping. With each breath that followed, I tried to reach the limits I knew. But there were no more. It was easy. I could breathe in as deeply as I wanted, there was simply no tightness in my heart. Wow, just wow.Now, weeks later, it has remained that I still carry this free feeling with me. It shows clearly in my everyday life, through my relaxed manner in dealing with other people and in implementing my plans. Thank you, Evangelia, for your service.

Dear Evangelia, from the bottom of my heart I say thank you for your wonderful heart ritual.
With healing sounds, Evangelia takes you on a magical journey – deep into the universe and all the way back to your primal essence, which opens up like a clear mountain lake in the golden light of the Creator. A place of stillness, healing and divine presence. An ancient, sacred energy arises – that of oneness, connection and love for all that is. It is so deeply touching the healing that arises in this moment.
THANK YOU for you, for your being and your work here on earth. Be blessed. Namaste.

Your warm welcome quickly made my excitement disappear. Without even having a precise idea of your healing offer, it was pleasantly easy for me to get involved with your voice and the healing ritual that followed. I feel like a blessing for all that I was able to experience with you. It has such a lasting and strengthening effect.
My decision to detach myself more and more from unpleasant people, especially in a professional context, has been made.
It feels good and right.
It is as if my heart can decide more freely and at the same time take up much more space.
Your ritual chanting seemed somehow familiar to me. The whole time with you stays in my heart in a wonderful way. A very beautiful experience!
Thank you very much for that, you wonderful person.

I am still deeply touched by this wonderful voice. I was so close in contact with my soul as I have never experienced before. A heartfelt thank you again, dear Evangelia!

„Evangelia’s healing work is very beneficial and being sung to by her is a wonderful experience. Her very own archaic chants and prayers are so true, devotional and connected to the divine…. I felt deeply touched, enriched and gifted each time.“

I am a very experimental person and therefore it was very easy for me to get involved with Evangelia’s unknown session. I immediately felt safe and very free in my expression. She radiates warmth, confidence and a kind of playfulness that I was happy to connect to. in retrospect I couldn’t even describe in detail what all happened during this hour. I felt carried, seen and touched.she succeeds wonderfully in creating a very intimate and familiar atmosphere.“


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