15 years ago, I came across a 104 year old greek man, who called himself grandfather in Greek Papou. He lived under the Acropolis and reminded me of Socrates. He would not teach, but asked questions. He was dedicated to the Greek ancient spirit and Christ was the follow up off that, his passion.
In his prayers, in which we were invited ,there was dancing,which reminded me of the early years after Christs resurrection. Also it was all inclusive with prayers of allmost all the other religions .
We would also pray in the ocean making a big circle. Then we would sit in the hottest sun of the day, without hats or sunscreen lotions in silence ,a phenomena I would not grasp. Later we would eat on a long table near the sea starting with prayers, celebrating the simple meal ,ending with old greek songs and dancing .​

​After his death, becoming 107 years ,I came across the teachings of non duality ,and I would like to stress the point, that all my sayings are based on these teachings ,it is nothing new I personaly say.
Ramana Maharshi talked about self inquiry with the basic question “who am I really “,a question asked also by the ancient greeks having it written on the gateway to Apollos temple in Delphi “know thyself “ “γνῶθι σεαυτόν”

I wanted to express my gratitude to Louise Kay , Isaak Shapiro ,Dinesh Shamsudin , Ilona Ciunaite and Shai Tubali together with Eckhart Tolle , Rupert Spira and Gangaji ,and of course Ramana Maharshi, and all these beautifull souls ,who visit and visited our planet to upgrade mankind .
What I love is, that many approaches are possible .For me ,it is not either this or that, but rather and this and that .For example I can pray, I can be in stillness . The important thing is,to have this dedication and this longing ,regardless of the packaging. I love ,that I can still pray and plug into this unlimited ,vast, unknown space. Stillness, on the other hand, is an extremely condensed and all encompassing state.

So what is praying.? Since it is not directed to something, that is outside of oneself, the fragrance of surrendering injects this high intelligence, which one can feel and melt into, without grasping it’s infinite quality or content ,abundance on all levels, utter freedom,,this opening quality of love.As Louise Kay mentions ,the ghole day ,whatever you are about to do ,can be an act of praying, a surrendering into this moment.
In one of the scripts, Christ was asked , what god is ,his answer was stillness and movement. As Rupert Spira says ,the activity of God, awareness or stillness is movement. Hence in all of creation, it is limiting and locating itself in all its diversity and multiplicity.
So back to Socrates „I know that I know nothing” [ἓν οἶδα ὅτι] οὐδὲν οἶδα“(in Platos Apology)

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