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It is sometimes helpful, to recharge your space, releasing energies of the past and clearing the space for a new beginning. Remember, every thought is not only in your body. If you like, the room is being discharged and becomes crystal clear.


It is an opportunity to celebrate a birthday in a way, where a different kind of intimacy might be created amongst everyone present, resulting in joy and bliss. The tensions are allowed to leave, especially from our birthday-candidate. It is an art to allow yourself to accept all this love and to enjoy, for this one day, to be the center of attention.


If you desire a bonding ritual with or without guests, it would be an honor for me. I will be witnessing a dance and exchange of information between two souls. There is this potential of apparent completion, becoming whole, celebrating oneness, symbolizing and actually living the reunion with the divine.(a corresponding ritual can be done with any two family members or friends or even with a person whom you have difficuly with)


This ritual is my favorite, for it is so unbelievable beautiful to welcome a new member into this planet, a baby that is still so in touch with its true nature. What a joy and blessing.


There is this saying, ”if you die before you die, you will not die when you die.” In other words, there is no death. It is so sad, to me, that a death of a beloved one, is seen only as a catastrophe. Of course there is huge pain for the loss, and it is very healthy to feel it utterly, but there is a very joyful angle to it as well, the reunion with one’s own nature, going home. This will be my focus during this ceremony. In this way I believe, that this heavy, and stagnating atmosphere, could be enriched with aliveness and new movement. And a deep understanding, that nothing BAD has happened but the most natural thing. Finally, perhaps the willingness to say YES to it.


Why not starting a party with a catalyst, a seed that is planted right at the beginning, which might encourage everyone attending to meet each other authentically with honesty and respect and an open heart and the willingness to let life do its dance, trusting in the moment and all these opportunities that are waiting for each of the participants to be met. Going with the flow with no expectation, just being.

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