In our meeting, I set the intention to remain an open channel for the energy that we essentially are to express itself. That is my only task, to allow life itself to find expression in me, through me, in the form of sounds and movements. In this state, I cease to act from the mind, and instead rest as a silent openness that naturally and spontaneously pours forth its essence of healing energy.

The sounds and touches that arise are not doings, initiated by Evangelia, but are rather spontaneous happenings that arise all by themselves, tailored to each unique encounter. Every sound and touch is a syllable in the language of the universal heart. This heart is our heart, which is, by nature, all-encompassing and infinite. This is what we are really meeting in our meeting. This infinite heart is our essence, into which any sense of separation is destined to dissolve.

If you feel a calling in your heart, I will accompany you on a journey. As we walk together along this path, you have the opportunity to let go of everything, to discover a great space within your self, to experience your innermost reality; to perceive the eternal silence, beyond space and time, indestructible and imperturbable.

The sound of two stones guides me through your chakras like a lantern. In this way, any blockages may be loosened or completely dissolved.

If the question “Who am I really?“ interests you, then this session can help you to reveal the answer to this question.

If you are also willing to slowly free yourself from what you believe you are, leave your comfort zone and dare to leave everything behind, and make a new acquaintance with yourself, I will be happy to support you.

If you long for an ever-present experience of happiness, a happiness that is not dependent on what is happening in the mind, body or world, then I am happily here to help you discover that.

If you want to get to know the word “yes” again, the trust in this moment then…

I welcome you into the trust of your own heart.



This practice is ever so valuable. It can not be replaced by anything else. Your eyes which can not see themselves are looking at a pair of eyes who are the expression of your true self, that which can not be explained. So who is looking at you?

While you are looking at these eyes ,you can observe yourself, your thoughts. It is an open book showing you in detail how you function, your conditioned mind. As time goes by, you have the opportunity to deepen into presence. What a gift.

After this experience, you might be able to look in someone’s eyes without an agenda, without signifying that you have any needs that have to be met. Amazing!



… swimming at night. It is a great way to start feeling how you approach situations that you can not control.

Anything that arises can be met by you with compassion, and simontaniusly you have the opportunity to stay connected with the supporting ocean, that mirrors much more your nature, rather than your apparent personality.

If fear or panic arises, there is a way to give it as much space as it needs, while focusing on awareness, your true nature.

It is amazing to discover, how your body, in which every experience is stored, processes your unconscious fears. Presence is required.

This is also an opportunity to check how loving you can be to yourself, for there might be an expectation to prove to yourself how courageous you are, thus going over the limit of feeling safe, and so pushing yourself in a violent way causing more contraction.

One could say, that you are forced to observe yourself very carefully, as to know when it is the right time to stop.

Enjoy and let go, using the flow of the water to wash away your fears or anything that wants to hold you back from the flow and joy of life.


​There is a beautifull bridge in Blichos, Hydra, which I have the feeling is build exactly for this reason, to experience the „0 point“.

Since the bridge can also be a symbol for connecting two opposites, if you stand in the middle of it ,you can expierience to be beyond this dualistic way of thinking.

There is oneness, stillness and peace. These opposites are in you, but you don´t experience them any more as opposites.

You stand in the mids of two extreems, a paradox that can be expierienced but not understood by our limited mind. There is this neutral standingpoint, with no desire to evaluate and judge anything, but embrace it all,this YES to everything that arises before one responds .

The two of us (or your partner if we are in a group)can play many games, walking on the bridge ,coming from opposite sides ,ending up in the center,the 0 point ,that has no center.

We will walk in stillness to the bridge, experience the „0 point“ at the bridge, and walk back in silence again.


My favorite is, to sing to pregnant women monthly or weekly. The months of pregnancy are a great opportunity for the mother to discover if she can say YES to herself and YES to herself as a becoming mother, and look forward to her child unconditionally. Joy is the key word during pregnancy. The highlight would be, if I can accompany you during the birth. That’s entirely up to you, though.

My concern during the birth ,is for baby and mom to emerse more and more into this peaceful state and to start to collaborate, it is a wonderful process; this happens because you’re both already familiar with the sounds, and it’s a lot easier for you to surrender into this moment. Your basic trust in the birth process is strengthened: what happens, happens, and it is perfect.


Dancing is a wonderful opportunity to discover, that movement happens rather than consciously doing it. In other words when the movement is an authentic expression of your inner self, it is playfull and creative, in the flow if your able not to follow your thoughts and expectations.

After diving into your body, with a guided meditation, you will be invited to express your state in colours.
There will be more to the session,let it be a surprise and enjoy.


After a brief verbal exchange, depending on your specific wish of how you want to go about with using colors, or if this subject is utterly new to you, and you are curious to find out, we will together decide on how we will explore this vast field.

My intention for you is merely to have as much joy and fun possible, while you are holding your brush in your hand.

There will be a small meditation to enable you to deepen into stillness and simultaneously to be aware of what sensations a present at that moment. From this neutral position, you can dive deep within yourself to start this process. You might tap into an impersonal space.

A never ending expression of life itself. While the screen of life is untouched from the movie played on it, a paradox, for it is one with it while it plays. So the white paper or canvas also enables this painting to come into being. Take it as a game, where you will be looking at your own painting, while letting your body react to it in its unique way with colors, that have their own fragrance and frequency. A free space where you will be able to ignore your thoughts and expectations, for the universal intelligence encompasses a far greater capacity of abilities.

The process of painting is similar to living, for each time you move, something beautiful might be created and simultaneously many options have been excluded, so expansion and contraction at the same time ? The limitless dancing with itself, creating, like the rhythm of breath. Enjoy!


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