Evangelia Pitsou on Hydra

swimming in the unknown

…..is swimming at night. It is a great way to start feeling how you approach situations that you can not control.

Anything that arises can be met by you with compassion, and simontaniusly you have the opportunity to stay connected with the supporting ocean, that mirrors much more your nature, rather than your apparent personality.

If fear or panic arises, there is a way to give it as much space as it needs, while focusing on awareness, your true nature.

It is amazing to discover, how your body, in which every experience is stored, processes your unconscious fears. Presence is required.This is also an opportunity to check how loving you can be to yourself, for there might be an expectation to prove to yourself how courageous you are, thus going over the limit of feeling safe, and so pushing yourself in a violent way causing more contraction. One could say, that you are forced to observe yourself very carefully, as to know when it is the right time to stop.

Enjoy and let go, using the flow of the water to wash away your fears or anything that wants to hold you back from the flow and joy of life.



swiming in the unknown
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