painting exploration

painting exploration

After a brief verbal exchange, depending on your specific wish of how you want to go about with using colors, or if this subject is utterly new to you, and you are curious to find out, we will together decide on how we will explore this vast field.

My intention for you is merely to have as much joy and fun possible, while you are holding your brush in your hand.

There will be a small meditation to enable you to deepen into stillness and simultaneously to be aware of what sensations a present at that moment. From this neutral position, you can dive deep within yourself to start this process. You might tap into an impersonal space.

A never ending expression of life itself. While the screen of life is untouched from the movie played on it, a paradox, for it is one with it while it plays. So the white paper or canvas also enables this painting to come into being. Take it as a game, where you will be looking at your own painting, while letting your body react to it in its unique way with colors, that have their own fragrance and frequency. A free space where you will be able to ignore your thoughts and expectations, for the universal intelligence encompasses a far greater capacity of abilities. 

The process of painting is similar to living, for each time you move, something beautiful might be created and simultaneously many options have been excluded, so expansion and contraction at the same time ? The limitless dancing with itself, creating, like the rhythm of breath. Enjoy!

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